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Gun Stock Duplication

Custom Stocks and Steel is now offering stock duplication services to both the professional stock maker and hobbyist.  We use the fine Don Allen panograph manufactured by the Dakota Arms Company with specialty built fixturing to ensure accurate stock duplication.  We are happy to work with our clients to meet the individual needs of their commission.  Thus, the following services will be offered in conjunction with gunstock duplication: custom pattern making, gun fitting and inletting services.  We have a limited supply of walnut blanks available for purchase but prefer out clients supply their own wood.  

A quick word to the wise, please bear in mind that the dimension of any stock blank needs to exceed the dimension of any pattern stock.  Due to the fact that wood is a living, breathing organism it is by nature imperfect, thus we will not be responsible for the following: inclusions within the stock blank, bark pockets, poor quality wood, i.e. brittle wood or end checking.

Please refer to our price listing for duplication prices.

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